Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Flowers for mommy

Today, Liam came home from daycare with this lil' charmer. It's some sort of flower bulb and apparently he planted it the day before Cindy left for March Break. Not only that, but he had his first field trip with Cindy today, too; she took the kids to story hour at the library. I thought I would be all jealous that she is having fun with my kid while I am stuck reviewing transmission and compression contracts, but the truth is that I think it is too adorable. And, I think it's things like this that will make me a better mom; I won't slack off with Liam on the weekends, because I will be too busy busting my hump to make sure that he has more fun with me than with her.

Besides, I will be needing all the fun time I can get. Work is not going so well. Let me rephrase that; parts of work are not going so well. Sometimes I feel like I am totally back in my routine, and starting to be productive. And sometimes, I feel like such an idiot. Like things are way over my head, and I will never be able to catch them. Like I'm not making a good first impression with my (new) boss. I felt like this the first few weeks I was in my new job prior to going on leave, and I know it will pass, sooner or later; but that first impression thing is only valid once, right? I hope I'm not blowing it.

Finally, I am thinking that something is going to have to change, routine-wise. I have been having a lot of back trouble for the past few weeks, which I've never had before. But I'm pretty sure I know why. Liam is getting to be hefty; his mattress is at the lowest level in the crib, and I never drop the rail to put him in or take him out. And, let's face it, since dropping my classes at the gym, I've been good about running and doing cardio, but I'm missing all the core strengthening from yoga and Bodypump. Do you think I've popped in my pilates or exercise ball dvds, which was my plan... nooooo... I keep thinking I will after dinner, and then inevitably I only have an hour and a half after Liam falls asleep to get the house tidied up and things ready for the next day before bed. Don't even ask me how I'm going to study for my exam (three weeks away now). Looks like my time management skills need a workout, too. (I know Chad will read this and tell me to quit spending so much time on the computer... but I think he also knows that it's kind of like me watching Lost: nonnegotiable.)


megan said...

Very cute, It looks like you have a winner there. all your hard work looking for daycare paid off.