Friday, March 17, 2006

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

I would be remiss to not do a St. Patrick's Day-themed post today. Let's face it, this blog is about a redhead named Liam: do I really need more justification than that? Oh, I do? OK then, here goes.

Liam's Robinson-side ancestors go back to Samuel Johnston and Jane Seymour, who emigrated to the Listowel area from Ireland around 1830, and Arthur Robinson and Margaret McDonald, who emigrated around the same time to the same area from Northern Ireland. So there is a wee bit of Irish in him, even if you have to go back six generations (give or take a few) to find it. I suspect that the vast majority of people can lay similar claim to some Irish ancestry, but nonetheless it satisfies me immensely that although we didn't choose his name for ethnic reasons, at least it's in keeping with our background. Much better than having named him Julio and trying to make sense of that.

I hoped to have a red-headed kid and have to admit I was a lil' disappointed when he came out with dark brown hair. Luckily that all fell out within a couple of months, and after a longish spell as a bald man, it grew back much redder than before. I suppose I had sort of taken it for granted that he would be a copper-top and it only occurred to me after he was born that Liam is the only Cook kid of his generation to have red hair; there are five biological cousins, whose parents are all redheads (even more so than Chad these days), and he's the only one who got the gene.

We are off on another road trip now, and leaving Chad to his own devices, which may mean some green beer drinking on his part tonight... we shall see when we get home tomorrow.


Dawn said...

He is toooooo cute! Red headed boy mommies unite!