Thursday, June 02, 2005

Afghanistan Amy

Well, she looks good. Surprisingly tan for someone who probably spends most of her time hiding out in an underground bunker. Resplendent with all sorts of high-end finery (sunglasses and iPods and digicams, oh my) that one can afford when living on an army base and pocketing a year's salary... yes, Amy rolled into town today on the Via train. After feigning a little too much worldliness ("When you've lived all over the world as I have, of COURSE you don't remember where Queen St is..." -- this after she spent 10 years living in Chatham, which is a small town (insert eye roll here)) -- she settled in and greeted her new little nephew. Helped bath him even, while I made it to my first gym class in too many days. And Liam looks none the worse for wear for it - no scald marks, no trauma so far as I can tell. I am off for a little pampering tomorrow and Amy may even watch the babe while I go. *sniff* My irresponsible little sister is growing up!! Tomorrow night is Darin's Wedding Part 2 - the big family reception. Amy has found true love in Afghanistan, with an American solider no less. Despite only knowing each other for a couple of months they are talking marriage. GACK. That's my response. No offense Adam, but really... are you sure? Amy can start to wear on you after a while. :) Amy insists that when it's right, you "just know." Well, I didn't. I went to university to look around and THEN came back to Chad after exploring all my options. And look at us now, happy as can be with our own little family!! Anyway, the wedding tomorrow will be interesting... no doubt all evening I'll be thinking, next time I hear the wedding march, or the glasses clinking, or whatnot... it could be my lil' sis!