Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A few from the lake

...not that you can tell we're at the lake. We didn't go near the water or anything. All in due time! Just sat out on the patio, ate a lot and looked at wedding pictures that Darin and Jenn brought with them. Liam enjoyed being outside and it was quite an overcast day so we didn't need to worry as much about keeping him in the shade. Now that the eye crossing has mostly fixed itself, I can enjoy it when it happens much more. It's only cute when you don't have to worry about it being a permanent affliction!

He seems to have recovered from the trauma of getting the shots yesterday. On today's agenda I am currently waiting for him to wake up - then we're going to spend a bit of time sans clothes kicking on a blanket on the floor, and then we're walking down to Aunt Deb's office to return a book to her. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. A good book, but if you've read The Da Vinci Code, this book is nothing new.