Monday, June 20, 2005

I speak too soon

...why is it that as soon as I say something about Liam, he proves me wrong??

Yesterday was a bad nap day. We fell off track early and never recovered. Partly this is due to a difference in napping philosophy between Chad and myself (though I think that after yesterday's outcome, Chad agrees with me more.) I am more of a by-the-book, put-him-down-regularly-in-his-own-crib person. I've seen that it works. Chad is more of a let-him-drift-off-in-my-arms type. And if he wakes up in ten minutes time then he must not be sleepy. (Whereas I'd be getting him right back to sleep, in spite of whatever protests may arise.)

So by the time bedtime rolled around, it took a good five tries to put him down. I'd get him to sleep, put him down, and ten minutes later he'd be crying. Arrgh. Finally, finally, he went to sleep... but... then he had me up five times in six hours. I kid you not - he wasn't even up that much as a newborn. And this was in spite of my new swaddling trick. And then, by 5 a.m. he was up for the day.

So. Needless to say I have been busy napping all day, and making sure I get his butt down for regular naps too! I have no intention of reliving that little drama again tonight! Dr. Weissbluth has me totally convinced that sleep begets sleep. I don't know how the pendulum could have swung so drastically, but today I'm mourning the loss of my short-lived good sleeper.