Thursday, June 23, 2005

More playtime

So yesterday we did two things for fun that we haven't done before. Number one, it was a nice day, but kind of overcast and not terribly hot. So we went outside and spread a blanket on the ground and hung out out there for a while (pictured above). This served multiple purposes: it made Liam happy, it made Captain happy (he came with us) and it got us out of the house, which seems to get dirtier and dirtier the more time we spend in it, and I don't know when I will ever be able to clean it again!

Two, we took a drive out to see our friends Pierrette and Alexis. Alexis is five weeks younger than Liam. Although she was premature, she now weighs about a pound more than Liam did when we was born, but... I cannot for the life of me believe that Liam was ever that small. When I look at his earliest pictures it's hard to tell exactly how big he is, relatively speaking, because he's either swaddled in huge blankets or he's on his own with nothing to relate to, size-wise. I know everyone always says you'll be amazed by babies smaller than your own, but it's really a shock when it happens.

Last night we were up four times... sigh. Though, I have to give Liam credit for two things. Number one, he was up once because he had wet through his diaper (a disposable I'd only put him in an hour earlier), his PJs and his crib sheet. Arrgh. And two, twice when I put him back down, he wasn't 100% asleep yet, and he settled himself. I am glad to see that sometimes I go in his room to check on him when he's sleeping, and he's lying wide awake in his crib, happily. I know the dreaded time will come around the four month mark when we're supposed to start putting him to sleep awake and letting him cry it out if he's unhappy. I'm hoping if he can pick up some good self-soothing habits now, at a young age, it will be easier on us all when that time comes.