Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Struggling to keep up (in a good way)

I am woefully behind on posting photos I want to share. I've had the camera out lots over the last week or so and have some good (to me, at least) shots that I haven't found the time to post. Forgive me - they will get up eventually! I also have more profound babies-motherhood-and-the-meaning-of-life babble but for now, you'll have to bear with me as I do a play-by-play of our out 'n' about summer activities. Today, for instance, we headed out of town early and went to the sea cliffs for a picnic lunch. I use that term, sea cliffs, quite loosely. We do not live by the sea, nor are they really cliffs so much as a bit of a hill on the Lake Erie shoreline. In fact, we drove to the cliffs but then decided to picnic a little further back on the road at a designated picnic site. We didn't have any sort of shade canopy for Liam and the beach was kind of crowded where we had intended to go. You can't see much of the lake behind me in this picture because of the exposure, but trust me - it's there. I also like how the perspective of this picture makes Liam look like he has a giant cueball head. Like his face was superimposed on the picture somehow. Like we're in a funhouse.

For a long time both Chad and his dad have wanted to try kayaking across Rondeau bay, from the campsite to Erieau. They finally pulled it off today. They left Liam, Dana and I at the campsite around 2:30 p.m. with instructions to meet them at a pre-determined pullout in Erieau a couple of hours later.

They had a pretty strong headwind - I honestly thought 2 hours was nowhere near enough time to pull it off...

Wouldn't you know it - we didn't make it to Erieau in time to see them paddle in to shore. Liam had a marathon nap that I was hesitant to wake him up from, they finished the paddle in less than two hours even with the wind, and we got there about 5 minutes too late. After loading up the kayaks we went to Molly and OJ's for a seafood dinner. Bruce just came home from almost a month in Algonquin last night, and he brought home a souvenir for Liam - a little paddle that's inscribed, May you paddle through life with the wind at your back and your friends by your side. Too, too cute.


Steph said...

I like those drool spots on your shoulder!