Monday, August 01, 2005

A visit from the grandparents

My mom and dad came for a visit yesterday. I took a photo (and posted it) just like this, two months almost to the day ago. Liam and my dad, looking extremely alike. I must say now that they are starting to look a little more different. The first picture was when Liam was at his peak of baldness - now that the top is growing in, he's leaving you behind dad! Sorry!

I also love this picture of Liam and my mom - what you don't know is that my dad is standing behind my shoulder as I'm taking it, wildly waving a strip of red pepper to get Liam to look. Liam must be laughing at his eccentric grandpa. Anything for a photo, right?

We're headed out shortly - going to my friend Renee's cottage. We used to visit her there quite often in the summer. They sold the cottage a few years ago and have just bought a new one so this is the first trip in some time and we are excited to see the new place. Of course, it's a whole different game when the day is peppered with thoughts of what to do about a life jacket for Liam and keeping him out of the sun and all that sort of thing - not exactly the carefree visit of the past, but still well worth it. (Makes me realize how much work it's been for Renee to raise her own three kids on an island surrounded by water all those years!)