Monday, January 30, 2006

1 Samuel 1: 27-28

I asked the Lord to give me this child, and he has given me my request. Now I am giving him back to the Lord, and he will belong to the Lord his whole life.

Liam was baptised on Sunday, which went wonderfully well. Despite looking a little grumpy here, he behaved beautifully and to everyone's suprise, didn't cry - not even when he was walked to the back of the church to meet the congregation. Last fall we started shopping around for a new church and after trying a few, we landed at Sprucedale United, where the baptism took place. After the service, we went to brunch with the family. We've been meaning to get out and try this brunch for some time - and it was OK, but a buffet is still a buffet, and I think next time I will stick to one of my tried-and-true restaurants (none of which seem to be open on Sunday).

To everyone who came yesterday - thanks for coming, and if you have any good photos you are willing to email my way, please do so - I had a really hard time with the church lighting with my camera...

Following brunch we went home where Liam had a few gifts to open - spoiled again! I particularly like this photo of him opening a gift from Steph and Mike. It's a silver keepsake box, and he can see his reflection in the lid - that's why he's laughing.

Unfortunately... Chad woke up Sunday morning not feeling well, and by Sunday night he was full-blown fo' shizzle sick. And so was Liam - by the time he woke up from his afternoon nap he was acting like a space cadet and really burning up. I put him to bed without his fleece sleeper on and he was still radiating heat. Not surprisingly, he was up at least a dozen times last night. (Not helping the matter, on Saturday he finally figured out how to get from a lying down position into a sitting position all by himself; and now it seems that whenever he fusses at night, he sits up, thereby eliminating any possibility of him falling back to sleep on his own.) I think the longest stretch of sleep I got was about an hour and a half. I gave him some infant Tylenol and today he seems right as rain, but it was a wretched night. Chad is off work today, still sick - I am trying to sleep while Liam does because I am feeling kind of run down myself.


megan said...

First, I have never seen you in red before, it suits you and. Second I think that picture solves the question on who is taller?