Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy days are here again

The title of this post does not refer to the fact that Chad went back to work today (in fact, we miss him already). Nor does it refer to the fact that Chad pointed out this morning that in about eight weeks, I will be going back to work along with him. (Thanks a lot.) No, instead it refers to something that's been sweeping through our house like a breath of fresh air for the last couple of days. December was an all-around off month for Liam. Between the teething, and his cold, and the people who were in and out of the house... it was a lot for him. The last few days he has been such a happy little guy, and it's only now that he's like this that I can see how off he had been for the past few weeks. He's sleeping through the night again - not always, but getting more and more consistent. He's going to sleep on his own again. He's being a pleasant little dude at (almost) all times while he's awake. We're going through a very fun time right now.

To make matters even better, I just got a very good lead on a daycare provider, and have an appointment to go see her next week. She is an associate of Megan's daycare provider, the one I am in love with, and runs the same program with her kids. Her home sounds like the kind of place I would really like to send Liam to - and if this works out, that will be one less thing on my mind. Happy, happy days.


Dana said...

This doesn't look like the same little serious boy of the other day.

Mandy said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better! Teething bites. ;)

Would you mind posting what he weighs? He looks to be a similar body style to my Emily, they're right around the same age, and I'm just curious.

Carrie said...

Mandy, I have him weighed/measured on the 13th of every month. In December he was 17 pounds 15 ounces and 27.75 inches long. He seems to be gaining about half a pound a month right now, but he's only grown .25 inches in the last 3 months - so he's fattening up!

How many teeth does Emily have? I've heard Liam only needs 2 more (for 8 total) before we get a good break until the molars start coming in... and then all hell breaks loose!...

Mandy said...

Carrie - thanks so much for answering! Emily weighed 13 punds, 11 ounces yesterday. I've got a petite girl on my hands.
She's about 26 inches long.

Only 2 teeth here (the two bottom middle teeth) So our relief is going to be a while in this house.

I've been thinking about Emily's birthday April Christmas seemed so far away, now their birthdays are right around the corner. *sniff*